Critics Acclaim for The Only Three Questions That Count (2006 edition)

Ken Fisher book reviews from the US!

"Here's [an investment book] you're going to want to read. And when you're done, you're going to want to read it again."
--Don Luskin, SmartMoney, 10/27/06

"Fisher’s book is great, in real terms. Everyone should read it."
--George Gilder, Gilder Technology Report, 12/14/06
"This book is quite simply the single best tome on investing that I have read in years."
--Norm Conley,, 1/15/07

Ken Fisher book reviews from England!

"In an increasingly unquestioning world, Mr. Fisher has a refreshingly contrarian take on pretty much every subject you care to mention."
--Steve Johnson, Financial Times, 1/15/07

"[Ken Fisher’s] new book, an illuminating and enjoyable read, is a tutorial on how to beat the market by thinking like a scientist: with an open, inquisitive mind."
--Andrew Pitts, Money Observer, 1/22/07

Ken Fisher book reviews from Scotland!

"Ken Fisher, who’s one of the finest investment and financial pundits on the planet, puts his investment success down to the questions he asks of himself."
--Alan Steel, The Scotsman, 1/13/07

Ken Fisher book reviews from Canada!
"But what [Ken Fisher’s] really best at is stirring the pot, and he has done it well in his latest book . . . which takes many of the beliefs that people hold about the stock market and trashes them."
--Derek DeCloet, The Globe and Mail, 12/16/06